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48fps is the bureau, notebook and portfolio of german-based Henning Pfeiffer.

48fps creates intelligent and exciting digital art and challenging crossmedia concepts that show ambition and insight for the needs of all kind of clients. 48fps produces concise and bespoke responses to answer the needs of clients though a process of research, analysis, development and refinement. So, 48fps filters out distraction to add focus, doing more with less and delivers thoughtful and challenging solutions for businesses and events like exhibitions, stores or concerts and for digital distribution.

“Rather than the usual schemes in the agencies, 48fps works in intense sessions, following a concept of passionate working and living. Time is limited. Passion is infinite.” –48fps


Hi, I’m Henning, a.k.a. 48fps.

My full name is Henning Pfeiffer. For over 10 years I have created managed and consulted for numerous websites, projects, clients and brands emphasizing the use of white space and a less is more aesthetic. When not creating, writing, consulting, managing or working on new media concepts and  interdisciplinary artwork, I spend time shooting photos, reading, watching movies, making music, deejaying, biking and running (need to do it more regularly;-) and doing short trips while always looking for the next unique challenge…

I grew up in Witten, Germany, influenced by renowned german design and a lot of fresh ruhrpott air. I root from the world of writing, electronic music, arts and media design and started my creative career in 2000 with pfeiffer & baston gbr, doing fullservice work for all kind of local clients in the fields of text, graphic and webdesign. In 2010, after completing my creative studies in Cologne (GER), I crossed the atlantic and began exploring New York. Since then, I have gained a lot of experiences in the media branch and have worked for many (international) clients and at several (prominent) firms, including businesses, freelancers, professional individuals, artists and agencies.

Moreover, I participated at “In the Night” (UnitedRain Productions), a german-american musical film written, directed and produced by Goetz Neumann, where I served as Script Supervisor and helped creating parts of the soundtrack which is available in the iTunes-Store. My aesthetics reveal my german roots – I am a firm believer in white or black space and clean, elegant design. I started 48fps (fortyeight-frames-per-second) in January of 2005 as a digital playground, studio and portfolio.

Today, I live between Witten and Cologne and Maastricht, actually working as marketing manager and lecturer at bm – bildung in medienberufen in cologne.

Thank you for reading!



Offering: media engineering, art direction, corporate web design & development, digital art (print, web & interactive), creative concepts, text, online marketing, sem and optimization.

Interests: asthetics, avantgarde, honest communication, future-oriented thinking, philosophy, psychology, technology, open-source, percussion, electronic music, film, Netherlands, America, privacy, art and design, drawing, culture, business, cooking, thoughts.

Languages: german & english

References: Xing and linkedin.com

If you are interested in working together with 48fps or just want to say “hello!” simply drop a message to henning.pfeiffer@gmail.com.

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