“Henning is multi-facetted creative thinker and professional maker!”

Headline+ London

“Mr. Pfeiffer is simply our most-fav lecturer. He has professional expertise and knowledge of marketing and digital media affairs. Moreover, he simply takes care and engages whenever there is a lack o creativity. I am already looking forward to the coaching sessions. Thank you very much.” – Liza Seraphina K.

Liza Seraphina K., Student

“Excellent lecturer in the fields of marketing, design and project management.”

Medienakademie Köln

“Henning merges digital expertise and project management while blurring the boundaries between design, online marketing and digital transformation.”


Versatile and intuitive with interdisciplinary skills when it comes to developing cross media campaigns.

Arte CreativeArt Direction

Henning is a precise designer and internet professional who listens until he offers the best solution for your digital problems.

Agricola BerufskollegSchulleitung

Henning is excellent at conception, creating a clear concept while always playing with the context of the information. He’s looking for aesthetics in every assignment.

Ruhr NachrichtenEditorial Staff