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Cologne (Suedstadt) | Germany

Hi, I´m Henning a.k.a. 48fps and I will make you a Digital Pro.

48fps creates intelligent and exciting digital art that shows ambition and insight. 48fps produces concise and bespoke responses to answer the needs of clients though a process of research, analysis, development and refinement. So, 48fps filters out distraction to add focus, doing more with less and delivers avantgarde visuals, native applications and interactive environments for companies & brands, agencies, art curators, artists and event managers.

You have a brand, product or service and want me to shout loud? 48fps has been managing google ads accounts with almost 250+ k euro media budget a year and stands with you doing both – the sprint (SEA) or the marathon (SEO). And eventually I can help you grow your instagram, tiktok or linkedin. But, we need to figure out what fits. If we vibe then my subconscious has already started to create for you. Besides, I figured out that academic research and higher education satisfy me.


20+ years professional experience
Research + Analysis
Familiar with HTML 5 + CSS 3
Expert in CMS (WordPress)
Digital Marketing Expert
Adobe Creative Suite Pro
Logical thinking
Eye for aesthetics + motion
Fluent English + German


Academic Research
University Lessons
Digital Art Direction
Interdisciplinary Concepts
Corporate Web Design
Digital Art
Print + Interactive
Analysis + Reporting
Digital Marketing 
SEM + Optimization


Project Management
Software Development
UI/UX Design
Interactive Installations
Audio-visual Creation
Product Development




“The most important thing is a person. A person who incites your curiosity and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that people can. Learn continually. There’s always one more thing to learn.” – Steve Jobs

Born into a family of teachers, I never wanted to become a teacher. But I love to share knowledge and experiences and in the last five years, I realized my talent to teach and see it as a god given giftedness. For me, teaching is a constant balancing act between theory, practice and entertainment – methodically and didactically from the known to the unknown. And my mission for 2023 is to teach, to inspire and to empower young people and support them to create their future.




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